Friday, 18 April 2014

Thinking Holidays? Think Security.

The sun is shining and there is a good chance many of you are heading away for the weekend, the week or starting to think about your holiday plans.  However, when planning a holiday we should also consider the security of our home while away. Here are the top 10 things you should consider when going away:

  1. Ensure you have an alarm system installed by a PSA licensed installer.  Ideally this alarm should be monitored to ensure there is a response in your absence. 
  2. Ensure your key holders know of your plans to be away from home and that they will be in a position to respond should it become necessary.
  3. Notify a neighbour you trust that you will be away so that they are more likely to be aware of unusual activity near your property. 
  4. External lighting should be considered.  A sensor light on approach to access points to your home may be enough to deter a potential burglar.
  5.  Internal lighting.  Having timers on internal lights may also be a good deterrent, making it less obvious that the home is empty for an extended period of time. 
  6. Doors should be fitted with anti-snap locks making it more difficult for anyone to gain access to your home in the first place. 
  7. Consideration should be given to upgrading any windows and doors which may be particularly vulnerable due to their design.  There are a wide range of products available which will allow you to upgrade locks, install security grilles or for glazing reinforcement. 
  8. Don’t leave car keys or other valuable gadgets (tablets, laptops, iPods) within view or in locations that are easily accessible.  Your car is very often the most desirable asset that a burglar can access as a result of breaking into your home.  Consideration should be given to fitting a home safe. 
  9. CCTV is becoming a very popular security option with costs coming down and technology improving.  This provides the option to login remotely and monitor security at your home.  Make sure your CCTV system is installed by a PSA licensed installer. 
  10. Make sure you do a security check before you go away.  Lock away tools and ladders.  Always ensure that there will not be a build-up of post or deliveries in your absence.  Make sure that all of your electronic security is functioning and has been properly maintained. 

To check that your security provider holds a license or to find licensed security service providers, visit the Private Security Authority’s website or contact the Irish Security Industry Association Tel: 01-4847206 or

For assistance with identifying the right security provider for your needs please use the find a supplier section of the ISIA website.  

About the Irish Security Industry Association (ISIA)
The ISIA was established in 1972 and represents security companies across eight divisions of private security.  The members of the ISIA are representative of approximately 70 per cent of both the turnover and the employees in the industry.  The ISIA represents over 90 per cent of the cash-in-transit industry.  

New Standard for CCTV & Alarm Monitoring

The new standard for the licensing of CCTV Monitoring Centres and Alarm Monitoring Centres entitled "PSA Licensing Requirements - CCTV Monitoring and Alarm Monitoring Centres (PSA 33:2014)" has now been published.  

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ISIA Re-elects First Female President

The members of the Irish Security Industry Association re-elected its first female President, Sheenagh McCullagh, for a second year at the ISIA's AGM earlier this month.  Alan Durnan, of Brinks Ireland, was elected as Vice President.

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