Tuesday, 4 December 2012

ISIA Awards 2012 & 40th Anniversary Celebration

The Irish Security Industry Association (ISIA) hosted the ISIA Awards and 50th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday 10th November at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.  The awards were attended by over 250 individuals from the private security industry, suppliers to the industry and security managers from a variety of industries.  Also in attendance were members of the Private Security Authority, An Garda Síochána, FÁS and the Dublin Fire Brigade. 

As pointed out by ISIA President, Sean Malone “The ISIA Awards contributes to ensuring that standards within the security industry are kept high”.  Malone thanked all those ISIA members “who took the time to reflect on the excellence of their employees and the outstanding work being done in the industry”.  There were eight awards presented on the night, with three categories being introduced for the first time this year.  

The Premier Award
The Premier Award, sponsored by Noonan, was presented to Dublin Fire Brigade who celebrates their 150th Anniversary this year.  Dublin Fire Brigade is the largest full time brigade in the country providing fire and emergency response service to over 1.2 million people.  With responsibility for high risk sites throughout Dublin city and county their services are critical to our capital city.  The ISIA was honoured to present this year’s Premier Award to Dublin Fire Brigade which was accepted on behalf of all the men and women of Dublin Fire Brigade by Chief Fire Officer, Stephen Brady.

The Courage Award
This year’s recipient of the Courage Award was Joanne O’Riordan, a truly remarkable individual.  Joanne is one of seven people in the world with total amelia, but she has not let this stop her from anything.  O’Riordan challenged the Taoiseach on the issue of cuts that would impact on those with disabilities, asked women scientists around the world to build her a robot and was invited to address the United Nations on this very topic, which she did earlier this year just after her sixteenth birthday.  Joanne O’Riordan is an inspiration and the ISIA were thrilled to be in a position to recognise her courage with this award, which was sponsored by Synergy Security Solutions. 

Security Officer of the Year
The award for Security Officer of the Year was presented to Tony Gorman, Noonan, for the exceptional service and outstanding contribution he makes as a security officer at Penney’s, Eyre Square, Galway.  There were also two merit award recipients on the night; Andrew Dolan, ISS, for the work he carries out at IBEC and Mihhail Roman, EPM Ireland, for the work he carries out at Swords Business Campus and Stream Global Services. 

Security Supervisor of the Year
The award for Security Supervisor of the Year was presented to Jerome O’Donovan, Noonan, for the outstanding work he does at EMC Cork, where he is responsible for supervising twelve officers in addition to remotely managing the security operations of twenty-seven locations across EMEA.  There were also three merit award recipients on the night; Sean Kavangh, ISS, for the work he carries out at AOL; Martin Keville, Synergy Security Solutions, for the work he carries out at Tara Mines (Boliden) and Marcus Smith, Synergy Security Solutions, for the work he carries out at Bord Gáis Energy.

Event Security Person of the Year
The winner of the Event Security Person of the Year award was Pat Douglas, Pulse Security Management, who was specifically nominated for the work he carries out at the Guinness Storehouse and the contribution he makes to the security and overall experience of visitors to Ireland’s most popular visitor attraction.  There were also two merit award recipients on the night; Derek Dunne, Sword, for the work he carried out at the London Olympic Games and Martin McKevitt, Renaissance Security Services, for the work he carries out for Horse Racing Ireland. 

Electronic Security Apprentice of the Year
In 2007 FÁS introduced an Electronic Security Apprenticeship allowing those working in the area of electronic security to gain a craft with global recognition.  This year, for the first time, the ISIA recognised those ISIA apprentices nearing completion of the apprenticeship.  The award was sponsored by GVD in association with Milestone and the winner was Donagh Kane from Jade.  There were three finalists also recognised on the night; Andrew Fleming of Xenon Security Systems, Shane Kennedy of Stanley Security Solutions and Glen Lunney of G4S Monitoring Ireland. 

Industry Contribution Award
Private security is filled with individuals who work tirelessly on a voluntary basis to improve their industry.  This year the ISIA wished to recognise these efforts and introduced the Industry Contribution Award sponsored by Stanley Security Solutions.  The award was presented to the Security Systems Training Council (SSTC) who gave their own time to assist FÁS with the development of the Electronic Security Apprenticeship and continue to work closely with FÁS on recognition of prior learning (RPL) to ensure those experienced in the industry have an opportunity to also earn a craft.  

Innovation in Security
The award for innovation in security was developed to foster and encourage innovation in the security industry.  Sarah O’Donnell, Communications Director with the ISIA stated “the submissions this year were of a very high standard and we were delighted to be able to say that innovation is a key component in the success of each of the finalists selected”.  There were four finalists selected; G4S, MTS Security, Stanley Security Solutions and TDS.  

The award was sponsored by Anixter and the winner was TDS.  “The TDS submission was based on a piece of work they completed for Google”, stated Martin Crothers, Past President of the ISIA, “but what stood out about TDS is the true culture of innovation in their organisation which impacts on everything they do as a company”.  

The ISIA would like to thank all of the guests who attended on the night, those members who supported the spirit of awards by first of all recognising the excellence within their own companies and of course all of the sponsors without whom the event would not be possible.  

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Monday, 1 October 2012

CCTV & Access Control Licensing Changes

From today there are a number of changes to the requirements for those installing, maintaining and repairing CCTV and Access Control Systems.  From today, the 1st October 2012, those companies or sole traders who install and maintain CCTV and Access Control security systems must hold a private security services license from the Private Security Authority.

What does that mean for you as service provider or for you as a customer of the industry?  Have a read of our information leaflet which outlines what these legislative changes mean for you.

ISIA Information Leaflet on CCTV & Access Control licensing

Friday, 13 July 2012

Preventing Robberies - The Perfect Security Solution

With a Post Office worker injured and cash stolen from Lidl today in two separate raids, the question on many people's minds is bound to be, how can we prevent this and how do we manage the risk to businesses with cash on their premises?  What is the perfect security solution?  Martin Crothers, a recent past President of the ISIA, spoke to Audrey Carville from  RTE on the topic.  For those of you that missed the interview, which aired on Radio 1 Drive Time just after 16:30, we have highlighted some of the key points below.  

According to a news article in the Sunday World, there were more cash robberies in Ireland in the first two months of this year than there were in all of 2011.  So there is no doubting the fact that certain types of crime are on the rise.  In the 1980's in Ireland there were high rates of crime and a frequency of raids too, but as security and security systems improved the frequency of these attacks decreased.  So, where do we go now?  

Today's raid on the Post Office was not successful, but the robbery at Lidl on Thomas Street was.  What security challenges do these types of businesses face and how can the risks to their people and their business be managed?  First of all, the premises itself could offer challenges.  Very often shops and post offices are in old buildings that have not been purpose built.  That in itself can cause difficulty.  Also, you might have put in certain security measures that the criminals are suddenly a step ahead.  Then there is the human element to consider.  As was pointed out in today's interview, if you have someone in a balaclava standing over you with a gun to your head, the security procedures may not spring to mind.  So how does a business combat that?  

When we consider these types of challenges it could lead us to feel that there is simply nothing that can be done.  There certainly isn't a perfect security solution, but that doesn't mean that we cannot continuously work towards improving security and preventing robberies and raids such as those in Dublin today.  As already highlighted, as security advances so do the criminals.  Therefore, it is important that the security industry and the business community is always a step ahead.  This means prioritising security every day.  It must be a part of every person's job each day, particularly when you are a business that holds cash.  Security should be continuously reviewed and upgraded and that is not limited to systems, but should be extended to the people in the business.  Training needs should also be reviewed and risks continuously assessed.  

Regularly reviewing systems, assessing how the systems can be improved and upgraded may require investment, but it could prevent a robbery.  The human element cannot be entirely controlled nor can the criminals, but through regular training, regular reviews of procedures and regular risk assessments you can at least ensure that you have done every thing possible to make an attempted robbery an unsuccessful robbery. 

Security should not be an after thought, it should be a priority and one of your key risk management tools.  What we have outlined above and what was outlined in today's interview is not a perfect security solution, a perfect solution does not exist, but it is as close as you are going to get. 

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Risk Manager :: Threats and Trends in the Security Industry

Did you miss out on attending the Crothers Security and Mul T Lock breakfast briefing?  Have a look at the article in Risk Manager Online for an overview of topics covered on the morning.

Risk Manager :: Threats and Trends in the Security Industry

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Election of Officers 2012

The Irish Security Industry Association's (ISIA) Annual General Meeting was held yesterday in Croke Park.  For those readers that are not familiar with the ISIA it is an industry body for companies in the private security industry.  The ISIA promotes and represents the interests of it's members and with the exception of one employee is run by representatives from the membership that form a Council of Management representative of the ISIA's divisions, which are:

  • Guarding Services 
  • Event & Entertainment Security 
  • Electronic Security & Systems (Alarms, CCTV, Access Control)
  • Physical Security (locks, safes, gates) 
  • Monitoring 
  • Cash in Transit/Secure Transport 
  • Security Consultants 

The ISIA provides its members with a fantastic opportunity to be hands on in collectively influencing the direction of it's industry and to drive and pursue items of interest and importance to private security companies in Ireland.

Because of the way the association is structured and managed the officers that serve as Chairman or Vice Chairman and make up the Council of Management of the ISIA are of critical importance.  They do the hard work on behalf of their industry working with various stakeholders to ensure private security in Ireland is continuously improved and that high standards are maintained.  Therefore, holding a role within the ISIA is of great importance to the private security industry in Ireland.

Each year the election of officers is conducted at the AGM and this year we had quite a few new officers elected.  As always at the ISIA's AGM, the new President was elected.  The new ISIA President is Sean Malone of Synergy Security and this year we have a first for the ISIA, Sheenagh McCullagh was elected to the role of Vice President and will be the first female to serve as VP of the ISIA.  Brendan Flynn of Noonan was elected as Chairman of the Monitoring Division, Chris Clinch was elected as Chairman of the CIT/Transport division and Pat Hogan was elected Vice Chairman of the Guarding Division joining John O'Donoghue of Noonan as the second Vice Chairman of that division.

The ISIA wishes to both congratulate these individuals and to thank them.  It is people like this that give their time and energy to the interests of the private security industry that makes the ISIA what it is.  This year the ISIA celebrates its 40th Anniversary and with the commitment of its members will enjoy many more years of  continuing to drive the private security forward.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Irish Security Industry Association AGM

The Irish Security Industry Association AGM will take place on the 18th April 2012 in Croke Park and will be followed by our 40th Anniversary Luncheon.  The agenda and booking information have already been sent to members.  If you have not received details please contact Sarah O'Donnell, for further information.

We look forward to seeing our members on the 18th April in Croke Park.  

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

FM Ireland Security Conference Stream 22-23 February 2012

The ISIA will be at FM Ireland in the RDS for the next two days.  If you are planning on popping into the expo, we will have representatives available to answer your security related questions at stand D23.

We will also be running some interesting and very beneficial conference presentations for users of security services.  Seminars will run from 10:55 today 22nd Feb and 13:45 tomorrow 23rd Feb.  If you missed the PSA briefing held yesterday for ISIA members, Geraldine Larkin will be giving another presentation this morning at 11:30 as part of the ISIA conference stream.

Check out the conference schedule here.

Monday, 23 January 2012

The Modern Day Shoplifter, From Chef to Clergy

Chef Antony Worall Thompson's recent spat of shoplifting in Tesco has got people wondering about this criminal activity.  Who is the typical shoplifter and why do they do it?  Darragh McManus from the Irish Independent spoke to the Irish Security Industry Association and other to find out.  Have a read of what he leaned below.

The Day I Caught a Nun and Priest Shoplifting

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Avoiding a Festive Feast (or similar) on Your Premises

Many of you probably heard about the recent court case against a security company by Brasserie Sixty6 which was settled out of court this week.  You probably thought , as we did, how did this happen, wasn't their a security system?  There was, but the system failed the restaurant.  This may have you wondering about your own alarm and security systems and hoping they don't let you down.  Here are a few tips to make sure you don't supply Christmas dinner, or more, to some unwelcome visitors:

  1. Alarm Installation - Make sure your alarm company is licensed.  Installers of alarm systems must hold a current PSA license and that will allow you to ensure your provider is meeting their legislative requirements under the Private Security Services Act 2004. Irish Security Industry Association (ISIA) members will also hold Qualsec, the ISIA's quality standard.  For a listing of ISIA members click here
  2. Alarm Maintenance - Keep your alarm maintained.  Maintenance contracts are critical to ensuring your electronic security doesn't let you down when you really need it.  Often business and homeowners complain about this cost, but you would be kicking yourself if you hadn't had the necessary maintenance carried out and that led to a break-in at your home or business. 
  3. Alarm Monitoring - Have your alarm monitored.  The sound of an alarm going off is an irritant, but haven't you ever ignored it's irksome noise somewhere nearby.  If an alarm is monitored the alarm receiving centre will be in a position to notify you and notify the authorities.  However, for the Gardai to respond it must be a maintained alarm with a URN.  It is also important to be aware that monitoring stations should notify you or your alarm company if their is a failure during their regular testing.  
  4. Physical Security is crucial.  You don't want a criminal to be able to gain entry to your premises in the first place and you should consider the quality of the doors at entry points, particularly secluded access points. 
  5. Safes - Day safes should not have cash left in it overnight and should have anti-fish features.  When cash is stored overnight it should be in a euro graded safe.  
  6. CCTV - CCTV can be extremely useful to those investigating the a crime after it has taken place, but you should have your CCTV system stored in a secure area, if that is destroyed the cameras won't have been much use to you.  Installers of CCTV do not currently require a license, but that is likely to change this year and if you are having a CCTV system installed it might be wise to use an installer already licensed for alarms.  
  7. Secure Room - A secure room may be used for your CCTV, overnight safe and alarm control panel and have additional access control so that if someone does make it inside your premises they shouldn't be able to get into your secure room. 
If you need any further information please visit the ISIA's website. For suppliers you can trust please have a look at our member listings or give us a call on +353-1-4847206.  

If you didn't have a chance to read about the festive feast at Brasserie Sixty6, have a look at the link below. 

Fine festive feast on the menu as four eat their fill after break-in - Courts, National News -

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