Thursday, 19 April 2012

Election of Officers 2012

The Irish Security Industry Association's (ISIA) Annual General Meeting was held yesterday in Croke Park.  For those readers that are not familiar with the ISIA it is an industry body for companies in the private security industry.  The ISIA promotes and represents the interests of it's members and with the exception of one employee is run by representatives from the membership that form a Council of Management representative of the ISIA's divisions, which are:

  • Guarding Services 
  • Event & Entertainment Security 
  • Electronic Security & Systems (Alarms, CCTV, Access Control)
  • Physical Security (locks, safes, gates) 
  • Monitoring 
  • Cash in Transit/Secure Transport 
  • Security Consultants 

The ISIA provides its members with a fantastic opportunity to be hands on in collectively influencing the direction of it's industry and to drive and pursue items of interest and importance to private security companies in Ireland.

Because of the way the association is structured and managed the officers that serve as Chairman or Vice Chairman and make up the Council of Management of the ISIA are of critical importance.  They do the hard work on behalf of their industry working with various stakeholders to ensure private security in Ireland is continuously improved and that high standards are maintained.  Therefore, holding a role within the ISIA is of great importance to the private security industry in Ireland.

Each year the election of officers is conducted at the AGM and this year we had quite a few new officers elected.  As always at the ISIA's AGM, the new President was elected.  The new ISIA President is Sean Malone of Synergy Security and this year we have a first for the ISIA, Sheenagh McCullagh was elected to the role of Vice President and will be the first female to serve as VP of the ISIA.  Brendan Flynn of Noonan was elected as Chairman of the Monitoring Division, Chris Clinch was elected as Chairman of the CIT/Transport division and Pat Hogan was elected Vice Chairman of the Guarding Division joining John O'Donoghue of Noonan as the second Vice Chairman of that division.

The ISIA wishes to both congratulate these individuals and to thank them.  It is people like this that give their time and energy to the interests of the private security industry that makes the ISIA what it is.  This year the ISIA celebrates its 40th Anniversary and with the commitment of its members will enjoy many more years of  continuing to drive the private security forward.